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Modular Kitchen Concept in Nevada

Kitchen Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Kitchen is often the most inviting part in any home, that's why we often see people congregate in the kitchen, whether it's family members talking about their day or house guests making small chats while having tea and cookies on the kitchen counter. That's why a lot of people consider that kitchen is the heart of a home, and that is also why you should take your kitchen design seriously. Not only to make it fully functional, safe and comfortable to cook, but also to make it a convenient place to get together with the people you love.

Here are some of the most common mistakes people tend to make with their kitchen design and what you can do to avoid them
Lack of countertops workspace

Countertops are focal points in every kitchen, that's why some people tend to decorate them with all kinds of stuff to make them look more beautiful. The results? They don't have enough workspace, especially when there's more than one person working in the kitchen.

Obstructed triangle

In the world of interior design, when it comes to designing a kitchen there is a holy triangle that links three important areas in the kitchen: the refrigerator, the stove and the sink. These are three areas with the greatest activity in the kitchen, and because these are the busiest areas, there should be no obstruction between these three locations.

Not enough storage

Every kitchen should be able to store various stuff, from spatula to a bulky food processor. Ideally, you should conceal everything behind the cabinet doors so that your kitchen looks neat without clutter.

Not enough task light

Every room ideally has three kinds of lighting: general lighting, accent lighting and also task lighting. In places like family room or dining room, not having task lighting might be okay, but in the kitchen task lighting is really important.

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Bad ventilation

Bad ventilation in the kitchen could be a disaster. Not only it will make your kitchen smells like dead fish, but the whole house can smell terrible. This is also not healthy because bad smells means that there is dirty air circulating inside your house.

Too trendy

Wait a minute.. how is being trendy a bad thing? The answer is simple, actually, if it's a trend then most likely it will go away in a few years, replaced by a new trend. When that happens what would you do then? Remodel your kitchen again?

For example, a lot of people choose the pomegranate color for their kitchens, which is a huge trend right now, but in just a few years that luscious red might already look outdated.

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